Company Bios

Ray Corbitt, Jr., company founder

President and Joint Venture Manager Ray Corbitt, Jr founded DonRay Petroleum, LLC in 2004 and currently serves as the company President and Joint Venture Manager. Prior to 2001, he sold, managed, consulted, and owned automobile dealerships in Oklahoma and Texas and consulted with automobile dealerships, domestic and foreign in several other states. Mr. Corbitt's extensive management, consulting and ownership experience is applied daily to communicate and consult with independent sub-contractors, vendors, petroleum engineers, producers, management teams, Joint Venture members, and geological, leasing, drilling, completing, production, accounting, legal professionals and oil and gas purchasers in order to drill, complete, produce, develop and operate Joint Venture properties.

Karen Street

Comptroller & Office Manager Karen Street currently serves as Comptroller and Office Manager of DonRay Petroleum, LLC. She has extensive experience in office management as has been with DonRay Petroleum, LLC since the company was founded in 2004. The DonRay Petroleum, LLC team also consists of many independent sub-contractors, engineers and consultants with extensive experience in the petroleum business.